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Be well nourished

Hello blog readers!
It’s Friday morning, and I just got home from a jog. It didn’t go the way I intended. Over the course of some weeks, I’ve been incorporating running into my workouts. The first time I ran, my body let me know quickly that my legs were weak, my breathing technique was weak, my endurance was weak. I’ve noticed that as my body becomes physically stronger, God reveals to me parts of my spiritual life that are spiritually weak. By God physically showing me that time, patience, and endurance is required to become physically strong – I’m more encouraged about the process of growth in my spiritual life.

Yesterday morning, I ran a 3.6 mile course that I set a goal to finish. I was PUMPED when I completed the run! I couldn’t believe it. It didn’t take nearly as long to build up the endurance and strength to finish as I thought. So, I got up this morning, and set out to do it again. But today,  I got halfway down my street, and noticed a difference in the way I felt. Mentally, I was dreading the thought of only being at the starting point of the trail. I had 3.5 miles to go. Physically, I wanted to stop and go home… but I kept going, telling myself, “You did this yesterday, you can do it today”.

I struggled to run half the course before I had to stop. Not just stop and walk — but stop and call someone to come get me! I was burned out and slightly embarrassed. My mother brought me home and immediately went into the kitchen and made me a smoothie – packed with all sorts of good nutrition. She brought it to me and said, “Drink this, it should make you feel better.” As I sipped it, I realized that I hadn’t properly nourished my body for that type of exercise. Last night, I ate a light meal  that consisted mainly of vegetables and no meat. Good, yes — but not what I needed to run 3.6 miles for the second day in a row.

After my body physically felt better, I thought about how many times I’ve nourished my spirit lately. What’s that diet looking like? I suppose I’ve had a few spiritual veggies (prayer and worship music).. but I have not dived into the meat of God’s word and searched His heart for wisdom lately.  That’s what I need to be well nourished spiritually.  I’m thankful for His reminders.  I burned out today on the running trail… But in that, He revealed His wisdom. He is God, and Perfect in all His ways.

The gift I didn’t give

Hello blog readers,
Today I dropped the ball — and God found another way to handle His business. Right now, I’m sitting back — thankful for Him allowing me to witness His sovereignty — and also disappointed that I wasn’t obedient to what I was being led to do.

I had a birthday about 2 weeks ago, and I was given a gift certificate to a restaurant. For the past couple weeks, I’ve been thinking about this new savings plan I’m contributing to. I set a goal to save more – and I’m pretty excited to meet the goal. When my son and I got inside the restaurant, I saw two of my former high school classmates sitting together. I gave them both hugs and greeted them before being seated at my table. Before the waitress came to take our order, a thought came to mind, “I should call their waiter over and tell her to bring me their bill.”  It was a quick, subtle thought. It wasn’t pressing. It didn’t weigh heavily on my heart. It would have been really kind.

Instead of me calling the waiter over, I thought about my savings plan. How was I going to meet that goal if I don’t save, save, save? I was using a gift card, so technically I wasn’t spending anything to eat out. I tried to dismiss the thought of paying for their meal. Besides, I didn’t want to make them feel uncomfortable. How spiritually immature of me to talk myself out of doing a kind and loving thing for someone.

After paying my bill, there were about 10 dollars remaining on the gift card. Again, I got another thought, “Give them the remaining balance on the gift card.”  And again, I talked myself out of it thinking, “I don’t have cash for a tip. So if, I give the waiter a tip from the balance, that will only leave about 4 dollars on the card — and I’ll feel silly giving them $4 towards their food..” So I told the waitress she could have whatever was left on the card. I waved goodbye to both of them as my son and I left. Neither one knew that twice in that restaurant, God tried to get me to give them something. I wanted to believe they were my own thoughts. I could set MY thoughts aside, because they weren’t in line with my “savings plan”.

When I got home, I saw on social media that one of the women posted on Facebook about her dinner experience. She posted pictures with a caption saying that while she was at dinner, she bumped into a former faculty member from high school. After a conversation, the faculty member reached into her purse and gave my classmate money to pay for their meal. She ended the post by telling her cousin — the woman she was dining with — to keep fighting. According to her cousin’s Facebook page, she is being treated for breast cancer.  How spiritually immature of me to talk myself out of doing a kind and loving thing for someone.

God’s blessing for those women was not stopped because I didn’t obey. He used someone else. I’m not ok about it. I’m very ok with Gd blessing my classmates. I’m not ok about not listening to that whisper. I was supposed to do something, and I didn’t. I put myself before His desire for me to give. I don’t know what God is up to.. but I want to be in the center of His will. I ask Him for forgiveness. Those women have a gift card for dinner coming their way.

If you have the smallest, faintest impulse to do something kind, loving, good – do it.

“For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.” Phil 2:13

With love


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