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The garden is born!

Psalm 37:4 Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

This week is very special to me. I planted the first seeds for my garden and I am SUPER excited!!!!

If you’ve read my blog “God, make me a gardener”, you know why this means so much to me.

I promised to make the garden part of this blog.

my garden

Soon, I won’t be paying to have lettuce, spinach, basil, chives, or parsley! I thought I would have to wait until spring to plant, but I read that lettuce, spinach, and chives are ok in cooler weather. Once these crops begin to grow, I’ll decide what to keep in pots, and what to plant into the ground.

I have my eyes on some fruit trees too (and flowers). I just ordered my first olive tree, and it should arrive in a week!

olive tree

I’m so excited to watch it grow!!

I’m thankful that God placed this passion in my heart. From what I’m learning, gardening requires patience, diligence, and faith. I spiritually need each of those qualities to grow into the woman He purposed me to be. I thank my Heavenly Father for making me a gardener. 🙂

rain Lev26-4

Updates and garden pictures to come!

Isaiah 58:11 The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

*Update 12-7-15*
5 days after seeds were planted, my babies started sprouting!!

garden first sprouts

After seeing my first sprouts, I went outside looking for a pot to plant more herbs. I searched the garage twice, and couldn’t find anything — and right before I walked inside I saw this tucked beside the house:

brick plant

He showed me that I don’t even have to go out and buy new pots! I cleaned them up and planted some new seeds. Soon, I will have a few bricks of dill, a little extra parsley, and basil.



God is so good!

*12-8-15 Update*

The lettuce sprouted so much overnight! So son wanted to plant something, so he got his own “brick” of basil. We’re starting the seeds off in eggshells (I saw it online)…and my first spinach seed sprouted! There’s been a fig tree in the yard for years that I never paid much attention to (I’m not a big fan of figs)… But now that I’m growing a garden, I’m adopting it as one of my babies too 🙂



I decided to plant lemon seeds. Hopefully, years from now, I’ll get a few trees from these!




My lone sprout of spinach woke up with neighbors! My first basil seed sprouted! And my lettuce is thriving!!


I planted my olive tree today, and got blessed with aloe vera plants!!! And, I started the growing process for my own avocado tree. 🙂

I’m experimenting with some of the lemon seeds. I peeled the shell of the seeds (carefully) and planted them in an avocado rind. I’m keeping the other unpeeled seeds in a moist ziplock bag until they grow roots. We’ll see how they turn out!



I thinned my lettuce for the first time. (still trying to get the hang of it) .. and the spinach is looking good!


My dill sprouted overnight!! And my chives are finally coming through!!


We’ve had two nights of rain — and my garden is loving it! I woke up to lots of new basil sprouts! Herb bricks of dill, chives, and basil….and 2 pots of tomato pots sprouting. A sweet friend gave me a pot of lavender and mint! And my first lemon seed sprouted a root!! I know I’ll get a tree from it! I’m excited because God is blessing my garden. It’s growing. It’s December. God is Good.




These roots really grew well overnight!! Getting ready to plant some lemon trees!! God is good!



Today, I added a beautiful grapefruit tree to the garden. I was looking at several videos last night about growing grapefruit! I walked into a store today and unexpectedly found this beautiful plant. I planted a grapefruit seed today to see how long it takes to reach the size of my new tree. I also planted some lemon seeds that had nice roots growing.


Update 12-29-15

My lemon seeds are growing so well! I have about 10 that are potted and growing so well! I saw a bag of Meyer lemons in the grocery store. I hear they’re the best, so I bought them just for the seeds!! 🙂




I bought some herb plants from the grocery store too, and have been enjoying eating fresh herbs with breakfast and dinner!



I started a few more avocado seeds, and have some grapefruit seeds sprouting!




I also separated my lettuce, and am waiting for it to grow tall! And my dill is beautiful!






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